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Companies will experience the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to do business when they participate in a Connecting Point Event. Participants develop and strengthen relationships in casual and fun settings.

Through careful pre-Event planning, a specific agenda is designed for each participant to maximize their exposure to each other. This includes Executive Boardroom Presentations, private One-On-One Appointments, insightful Content Sessions, and first-class Social Events.

Consider an Event by CPMG by clicking on the links below to find out more.

RestaurantPoint West

RestaurantPoint West 2018
march 18-21, 2018

RestaurantPoint East
RestaurantPoint East

RestaurantPoint East 2018
october 28-31, 2018

StorePoint Fashion

StorePoint Fashion 2018
january 21-24, 2018

StorePoint Fresh
StorePoint Fresh

StorePoint Fresh 2018
january 28-31, 2018

StorePoint Retail

StorePoint Retail 2018
february 11-14, 2018


HotelPoint 2018
april 8–11, 2018


BuildPoint 2018
april 22–25, 2018


HealthPoint 2017
september 24-27, 2017


NextPoint 2017
october 1–4, 2017

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